65300 62 mm PERFECT Hi-Velocity Throttle Body For 4.0L Jeep

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PERFECT Hi-Velocity Throttle Bodies are designed using state of the art CAD systems to provide the ultimate solution to EFI air flow control. 6061-T6 aluminum billet construction on full CNC machining systems create the largest bores possible in the factory mounting envelope without sacrificing strength or durability like a modified casting.

These Throttle Bodies will fit all Jeep 4.0L engines model years 1991 through 2004 from any Jeep vehicle and are fully compatable with the stock ecm's as well. 2005 was a change over year and may have a two wire IAC. If so, then our throttle body will not work for those vehicles. Early 1991 model Jeep 4.0L engines used Throttle Body Injection. This will be obvious as you will have injectors and fuel lines running to the throttle body, The PERFECT throttle body will not work on these models.

The PERFECT Hi-Velocity's patented permanent two piece construction provides the largest inlet for each throttle body while still maintaining a tapered approach to the throttle blade, flowing more air than a straight bore. The 17-4 precipitation hardened stainless steel profiled throttle shaft used in these throttle bodies is tough enough to withstand all forms of on and off-road racing. Due to the strength of the stainless steel the shaft can be halved and profiled to present minimal resistance to flow at WOT, out flowing the competition's full round profile shaft. The PERFECT Hi-Velocity Throttle Body also uses only high strength sealed ball bearings with high temperature grease to assure a lifetime of operation under all conditions. The dual wound stainless steel springs assure long service and excellent throttle control through the careful selection of spring rate for each application. The throttle blade is made from thin but tough .05" thick 5052 aluminum, elliptically profiled for quick response and clean shut-off. The 0.100" thick laser cut steel linkage is designed to handle any driving condition and style and replicates all of the factory cable mounting positions. All PERFECT throttle bodies are designed with pressurization and nitrous use in mind, using materials and tolerances compatible with modern power-adders!

These throttle bodies come as complete kits, allowing fast installation without modifying the factory cables, controls or brackets. The anodized finish will provide a lifetime of "PERFECT" looks.


Stock Jeep TB: effective bore dia: 54mm, effective plate dia 59.8mm inlet dia: 62mm Effective flow rate: 415 CFM (being generous)

Stock height from mounting flange: 65mm

62mm PERFECT Hi-Velocity Throttle Body: Effective bore dia 62mm. effective plate dia: 62mm , inlet dia: 70mm. Effective flow rate: 600CFM

PERFECT Hi-Velocity Throttle Body height from mounting flange: 73mm

Intake manifold port size: 62mm