30141 F5 Single 70 Amp Fan PWM Controller

F5 Single Fan Controller

Electric cooling fans have become a mainstay when it comes to keeping any type of project vehicle’s engine cool. This state of the art fan control system includes an under hood rated solid state pulse width modulation controller, 3/8 NPT threaded temperature sensor, large gauge fan wires and a labeled vehicle integration wire harness, mounting hardware, 70 Amp fuse and connectors. The F5 Dual Fan Controller is rated to control one 70 Amp cooling fan.  Controller features include controlling one large fan from 50% up to 100% dependant on your engine temperature.  Kit includes a three position toggle switch that gives you manual control of the cooling fans; position one is 100% fan on, position two is normal operation and position three is 0% fan or fan off.  Also included is a push button switch which is used to set the vehicle speed at which you like the cooling fan to shut off above.  See illustrated installation manual for more information.

This controller is perfect for those with late model Ford Taurus, Crown Victoria, Mustang or Lincoln Mark VIII electric fans.  Connect the F5 to the high speed wires of these cooling fans for maximum cooling.

Click Here to watch an install video of F5 fan controller into a 2004 Chevrolet truck with 2005-UP electric cooling fans.

F5 Single 70 Amp Fan PWM Controller
Manufacturer part number: 30141